Become an accountability partner, share your goals and achieve them.
Go to What do you want to achieve?

What do you want to achieve?

Take a moment for this. Because this goal will be a goal you are most likely to achieve. What is the number one goal you want to achieve right now? Be specific and also tell us over what medium you would like to communicate with you accountability partner?

Go to Get your perfect MissionMate

Get your perfect MissionMate

During the next three days, we are going to send you your perfect match for an accountability partner. We make sure that your accountability fits the most important qualities you gave us about yourself and has roughly the same expectations as you do.

Go to Set the ground rules for success

Set the ground rules for success

The person that is going to coach you, is also going to be the person that you are going to coach. You both are going to have slightly different expectations about your relationship. Talk it through and set the ground rules for your partnership over the next weeks or months.

Go to Hold each other accountable!

Hold each other accountable!

The mission starts. Work on your goals and report back to your accountability partner on your progress. Motivate each other, push each other and make sure the other person stays consistent. Nothing will bring you closer to achieving your goal than a person watching over you.


Why we do what we do.
Goals should be achieved and dreams should be lived.

We always have been in the same position as you are right now. We share the same pain. We struggle to achieve our goals. We get started with the best intentions of living our ideal life, but then get sloppy, unmotivated and quit after the first setbacks. Then we found out about the accountability partner system. And we started to see the first results. We had new personal records in the gym and on the running track. We aced our exams and started our first challenges. We showered in the cold and faced the heat of starting our own business. And now we want to share this gift we found. We realized that many people don't get to enjoy the opportunities of having an accountability partner, because it's too hard to find one online. We change this. MissionMate is simple, easy and free. It's made by people who want to achieve their goals for people who want to achieve their goals. It is built for you.

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We are going to send you a survey form, where we get all the information we need to get you your perfect accountability partner.

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